***** All Meteorites Come with Certificate and Information*****
***** All Meteorites Come with Certificate and Information*****
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Meteorite Keychain  ~ Gibeon Meteorite
gibeon keychain valentines gifts for men meteorites
gibeon meteorite
unique valentines gifts for men meteorites
Frances Moon

Meteorite Keychain ~ Gibeon Meteorite

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Meteorite Cross Over Keychain makes a Unique gift for men. Show him he is out of this world! If you are looking for a Unique Valentines Gifts For Men then this Stunning Widmanstätten pattern on this meteorite keychain is your answer. If you are thinking of a meteorite cross please message me for special orders!

A REAL pattern found when in some iron meteorites when a cross section of the meteorite is etched with weak acid. The pattern is named for Alois von Widmanstätten, a Viennese scientist who discovered it in 1808. It represents a section through a three-dimensional octahedral structure in the metal that is formed of bands of kamacite with narrower borders of taenite, the meshes being filled with a mixture of these two alloys.


  • 3/4" wide approx
  • 1 in - 1.5 " long
  • 2.5 mm thick approx
  • 10-16 grams Gibeon Meteorite

++Do to the nature of this product there are slight variations in pattern and length. The range is 1'-1.5" in length and 3/4"-1" in width 

Why give dad a tie? Okay....you know dad will love you either way. But why not enjoy the look on his face this fathers day and every time you see him pick up his keys.